Welcome to EcoVative Resources

EcoVative Resources is a U.S. based export trading company that specializes in high quality, innovative, and uniquely distinctive natural and organic products from the United States. We are your global business partner for the Asian region.

Global Partner to Asia

We, at EcoVative Resources, strive to be the best and most trusted partner for U.S. suppliers interested in expanding their market into Asia. As your trusted partner, we will share our in-depth market understanding and excellent contacts in those countries with you.

Sourcing Partner for U.S. Products

For overseas importers looking for high quality and affordable natural and organic products from the U.S., our company is your ultimate sourcing partner. We have cultivated strong working relationships with many U.S. suppliers and possess extensive knowledge in natural and organic products.

Whether you are a U.S. supplier or an importer, EcoVative Resources looks forward to the opportunity to demonstrate our quality and prompt service, built around respect and integrity, to you and your organization.